My name is Ian Sager and I am currently a Physics Undergrad at Louisiana State University. I really love animals, technology, space, science, business, music, video games, and doing stupid things in my free time. I’m an Eagle Scout, was Student of the Year 8th grade, and and I can fold an origami balloon. Please like my website, I spent like $70 making it.

Ian Sager

Really cool guy





Loves Animals




Can Do Cool Things


The Most Trusted Site On The Internet, UrbanDictionary, Defines Ian As

“Simply the most amazing, perfect, breathtaking, heart stopping individual to ever grace the earth with his presence. You know the Dark Ages? That happened because he wasn’t here.

Astoundingly intelligent, hilariously witty, amazingly beautiful, and simply the epitomé of sheer awesomeness. Any words that you can think of that is any way complementary embodies everything that Ian is. Every time someone says the word “Ian” Chuck Norris’ hearts stops. The only reason he isn’t dead yet is because he’s immortal. Like Ian.

Ian selects his friends carefully, as only people who -in some way- reflect his awesome ideals are given the absolute honour and privilege of being called a friend of Ian. Many have died due to sheer ecstasy simply thinking of being named a friend of Ian. The highest honour possibly given to a human being on this planet is being named “Ian’s Best Friend”, but the position is currently vacant due to thelast candidate’s head exploding trying to wrap their head around the concept.”

What People Say About Me

"This man thinks about things. He thinks about them a lot. Sometimes I say, 'hey Ian what you doin buddy?' when I see him staring off into space. Know what he says? 'I'm thinkin'!!"
Sarah Worrell
Student Ticket Holder
"He's gotten better."
"Ian cured my rare form of cancer."
Paige Ellis
“He knows how to code a computer AND the ladies.”
Joey Matt