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I always get bored, and when I do I typically come up with stupid and wacky projects. Sometimes they create large projects, but mostly they're just really cool things I can show others. Make sure to always keep track of the things I decide to do in my spare time, like making this website!


I am a Physics Undergrad student at Louisiana State University with high hopes of being an astronomer or astronaut. I'm about to start an internship under Dr. Boyajian (head of research and discoverer of Tabby's Star)! I'll be going through data from the ESA and anything after that is anyones guess. I'm so excited!


I follow tech and science news daily, and have very strong and detailed opinions on new products, technologies, and advances that I love to discuss with others. Lucky for you, none of my family really understands most of what I talk about, but now I can rant to all of you online! Just try and keep up, and always feel free to challenge my opinions!

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